Request Funding

(Updated January 2020)

Friends of Eswatini (FoE) Returned Peace Corps group is soliciting proposals for worthy projects to fund in Eswatini. Generally, FoE can provide funding up to $1000 for projects, but will consider somewhat larger projects. Please review the list of projects funded on our website to give you an idea of the scope and types of projects we have helped fund in the past.

Please submit your proposal and any questions to Melissa Weber Horton, FoE’s Project Funding Coordinator (RPCV, 1982-85), at [email protected]. Include in your proposal:

  • Project purpose and expected results.
  • Background of your organization.
  • Amount of money requested and when the funding is needed.
  • Breakdown of how the money will be spent. FoE may only be able to fund part of your request.
  • Where to transfer funds, i.e. Paypal account, website account, or checking account. FoE is not able to transfer funds to bank accounts in Eswatini because of the cost and complicated nature of international money transfers.

Upon completion of the project, you will need to provide a short summary of the results to Melissa and include photographs. This summary helps us inform our members as to how money is spent. It also can help promote your organization.

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