Friends of Eswatini provides funds for Bantwana and Cabrini orphan relief efforts

Friday October 30, 2020

Friends of Eswatini has provided financial support to two more non-profit organizations helping Swazis cope during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Bantwana Initiative:  We donated $1,162 to Bantwana, which provides health care and educational opportunities to orphans through the Neighborhood  Care Point initiative. Bantwana  focuses on early childhood education, nutrition and health services for at-risk children. Our donation will be used to  build  an education building for the orphans near Malindza under Dvokodvweni Inkhundla in Lawini Area. As the cost of the structure will be over $4000, you can make a difference in this project by donating to them directly at

Cabrini Ministries. Based at St. Philip’s Mission in Eswatini’s lowveld area, Cabrini provides health care services to orphans and vulnerable children. Recent RPCVs have praised their work, and based on this recommendation, we provided $300 to assist Cabrini in their health care initiatives. More information about Cabrini can be found at 

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